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Frequently asked questions for survey respondents

Is the questionnaire available in my language?

We have NeurOptimal® providers all over the world. With our study we set out to reach a large and diverse population, as well as make it easy for NeurOptimal® end-users to participate. 

The questionnaire is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch. We apologize for not being able to make this available in all languages, however, we chose the most common among our end-user populations. 

Can only clients that are happy with Training and results participate? 

Actually, we’re just as pleased with those who aren’t satisfied. You are invited, in any which way, to leave us your feedback, so please fill out that second questionnaire, even if you end your Training sooner than planned. 

How long will it take me to fill out the questionnaires?

The first one, at the beginning of your Training, will take about 10 minutes. The second one, at the end of your Training, will take you about 20 minutes. Set aside a time when you can answer your questions thoughtfully.

Because we know how precious time is, we want to thank you by giving you a graphic representation of some of your responses at the end of the second questionnaire allowing you to view your own data. 

What will happen with my data?

The Dutch bureau Triqs will analyze the overall data providing a report at the end of the study that will be available in the community. Providers may choose to receive their own office's report.  However, they will not have insight into individual client data, nor will anyone else. As a survey respondent, you will get to see your answers at the end of the second questionnaire, including a few graphic representations.


Triqs has guaranteed anonymity when accessing these questionnaires. You will be asked not to mention any names, persons, or companies.

What if I have already started my Training?

The questionnaire will ask you whether you’ve had Sessions already or not. When you’ve started recently and did only a few Sessions when filling out the first questionnaire, your data will be included in the analysis. 

What if I did a few booster sessions only?

The Survey as a whole is intended for Clients who complete more than 5 Sessions. The second questionnaire will automatically invite you to a shorter version should you complete fewer than 5 Sessions.

We value your response regardless of the number of Sessions you ultimately complete.

Can children participate?

As a guardian or parent, you can submit a survey for a child under your care on their behalf or fill it out with them. 

Where can we find the questionnaires?

Go to and use the code your provider gave you. 


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