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Frequently asked questions for NeurOptimal® providers participating in this study

What are the criteria for participation as a provider?

You, as NeurOptimal® providers will bring forth the respondents. This will be a unique joint and international venture to gather as much data as we possibly can. 

Criteria are simple: you are a provider of NeurOptimal® Sessions. Meaning you offer Sessions in the office and/or rent NeurOptimal® systems for home training. 

Your clients will be the Survey respondents.

At what point does the client need to fill out the 1st questionnaire?

Preferably, before the 1st Session.


We all know how quickly NeurOptimal® can change perception! When we ask for ‘their baseline’ in the first part of the Survey we prefer to get this information before they’ve had any Sessions. You may have a few clients who recently started before this study began and who would love to join in. You can send them too. The survey will ask for these exceptions and for how many Sessions they’ve done already.

As early as possible in your first interactions with new clients, ask if one would like to participate in the study. And subsequently, send them to with their specific code. 

Will I have access to the study data?

At the end of the study, the Survey report will be shared in the community of NeurOptimal® providers. 

Near the end of the study, the participating provider will get the opportunity to also receive a mini report on their own “accumulated client data”. Bureau Triqs requires 10 or more participating clients in order to create a meaningful report for the provider.  This report will be made available at a cost of 95 euro (excl taxes, if applicable). Mind you, no individual client data will be shared with anyone including study leaders. The study leaders will also not have access to your "accumulative client data". 


Anonymity and privacy are guaranteed in this regard!  

What kind of clients can I send to the Survey?

We welcome all clients, regardless of their presentation, goals, or results. All feedback is valuable. 

We want your clients to fill in the 1st questionnaire and assess ‘their baseline’ when they seek Training, preferably before they’ve done any Sessions. 


In the analysis, we will foremost include new or previous clients who start a new training trajectory.  

Meaning we will exclude clients who are currently Training with you for some time now. Those who are in the midst of series so to speak. 


Ultimately, the extensive survey is intended for respondents who have completed more than 5 Sessions. Those who end up completing fewer than 5 Sessions will be lead to a shorter 2nd questionnaire.

How can I get a provider code and participate in the study?

Navigate to the main menu called Application found at the top of every page. There you will fill out the requested information and click Send. That will prompt us to send you a contract that the bureau Triqs wants you to sign before you receive any “survey access codes”.  

Upon your signed contract we will send you codes that your clients can use to access the questionnaires. As well as some simple directions for that procedure. 

Why do I need to sign a contract

To participate in this study as a provider/Trainer a provider must first sign a contract with Triqs, the analyzing bureau. You will be sent the contract when you fill out the Application form. Upon return of the signed contract, you will receive the survey access codes with which you can send your clients to the questionnaires. 

The reason Triqs wants you to sign this contract is that they process data arising from the relationship between a client and the practice owner. This data is tied to this particular study and therefore a signed contract is required. Working with an ISO-certified research bureau naturally leads down this path.

At no point during or after the study will the provider, nor any other party, receive individual client data.

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